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Welcome to this discussion about ways of #WeavingCommunity During Crisis (Weaving2020.org) among individuals who are connecting, conversing, and caring in service to their neighbors and nation. Please share your experiences, ideas, and inspiration with others who are #WeavingCommunity. And join us at Weaving2020.org!

  • I have been going by to see older friends of mine with their standing at their front doors while I stand on the front porches. Older people, especially single ones, to SEE people, not just hear others on the phone. Connecting and spreading cheer is important during these hard and scary times.

  • When I go to the grocery store, I check with my older neighbor to see if she needs something.

  • We bought gift cards from area restaurants.

  • We made a contribution to our area food bank.

  • We “went out to dinner” with friends last night via FaceTime.

  • We are having a neighborhood “ChalkFest” Sunday afternoon. We live on a cove, so there aren’t many here and the parents have instilled in their children the importance of physical distancing. It will give us the social interaction we need to support each other and a way to cheer each other during these dark times. It’s a BYOCSD—Bring Your Own Chalk, Snack, Drink function. The children will be given single-use sidewalk chalk to decorate our sidewalks.