Virtual Dialogues for Connection & Community

How do we stop social distancing from becoming social isolation?

We are in a unique moment of isolation, uncertainty, and disconnection. To overcome the challenge of social isolation, we need to break through our usual patterns of communication. Our goal is to help you have deeper, more meaningful conversations at this time of unprecedented crisis.

Join ESSENTIAL PARTNERS for 3 FREE weekly dialogues to build compassion and connection in this moment of deep alienation.

In small groups, you’ll have an opportunity to connect with others, taking time to be heard by and to hear from them about what matters most in this moment—and how we can take care of each other.

This will be a space that allows people to speak about their fears and uncertainties without succumbing to them. We also want to help you tap into hope and possibility, connection and a shared future.

Register for one dialogue or all three.

Community is an act of courage, now more than ever. We can save lives through social distancing without losing touch with one another. Community is possible through this crisis. It takes the will to connect, the right design—and a modicum of courage.

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