Stories, care and vulnerabilities amid pandemic response

As a person in a high-risk group around COVID-19, I’m personally grateful for everyone who is limiting their exposure and modifying their activities. What this means for me will be fewer people who are contagious at the grocery store or taking a walk in the woods. I like the list here – #WeavingCommunity During Crisis: Care Ideas.

What’s your plan for staying connected? Or staying sane with too many people in close quarters? Let’s plan this together by acknowledging what we need and asking for help. I love helping others – and we all love making a contribution that is about more than ourselves.

Thanks, DM! I have tried to make a list of people to stay in touch with, especially those with particular vulnerabilities. Taking a cue from a friend of my wife whose dad simply wrote on text “We need to stay in touch every day.” and now follows that with “hey … you good?” Other connections will be longer, more involved - but the point is to think bigger than yourself!!!


I’m working on finding ways to support those in the freelance and service economy who have lost their income. My spouse and I have round-the-clock aides helping my 90-year-old parents and we are offering paid sick time to take for themselves or caring for family. We are reaching out to friends who drive for Lyft or do shift work or are artists. We are on Nextdoor trying to identify others in the neighborhood who may be feeling the pinch financially. It’s wonderful to be in a position to share what we have.


I am 91, still, thank the Lord, in good health. I love to bake. Now I am baking cookies for the younger members of my church to distribute to elderly members. I am so thankful to be able to contribute, even though I have not ventured farther than my front porch in three weeks, and won’t for probably many weeks to come. (I leave the cookies on the porch and someone picks them up for distribution.)

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That is so cool! I am also baking cookies!